Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer Holidays Day 3 - AAAHHHHhhhhh!

To be fair, these photos don't really do justice to the day I've had.  It's only day 3 of the Summer Holidays but my spirit is wilting.  I don't know if it was the lemonade, 4 cookies and the donut he had for breakfast but things have not gone well.  Bedtime scheduled for 6.30pm (his and mine!)....  Here's the day in pictures, but doesn't include the footage of my precious one flying around the lightswitches xxx

1. Jack no longer participating in the 'Summer Holidays Photographic Project'(SHPP),  2.  Morning brew courtesy of hub  3.  Jack now more committed to SHPP.  4.  Morning kiss goodbye, lucky me (don't think hub fully committed to SHPP either) xx

1.  I tried to leave him up there but he got down and ran after me!  2.  Ed making friends  3.  Darth Vader hits the cornfields  4. What I thought were conkers but dad told me were sweet chestnuts (I still don't believe him!)

1. One second of peace  2.  Picking blackberries.  3.  Arrival at mum and dad's for brekkie.  4.  My old bedroom (ahhh... those were the days.  I crawled under the cover for a few minutes this morning and pulled the duvet over my head - (Jack found me though)

1.  Le Waffle  2.  Le papa  3.  Mum in stealth mode playing hide and seek.  4.  The Lovebirds 
1.  The Homestead 2.  The Pooch  3. Me and Daddykins  4.  A juggling Nanna (everyone should have one) 
1. Making Superhero outfits with fabric paints (now have red, purple and pink patio) - incidentally, guess which vest Jack did  4.  Mmmmm....doughnuts

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