Tuesday, 5 March 2013

All I can say is sorry, my blogging technique sucks....

Hi there, I'm sorry, I don't blog as regularly as I should I know.  HOWEVER, one of my redeeming features is that I do update my Facebook page practically every day.  All the latest going ons can be found there so, until I find my blogging mojo, can I gently nudge you towards my Ruby-Roux Facebook Page (this wizzy little link will take you straight there - see, effortless!)

lots of love

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Blogging... it turns out I'm not very good at it....

Okay, I admit it, blogging isn't going as well as anticipated.  It seems I'm much more partial to Facebook updates.

But just so you're not looking at this blog thinking I've been relaxing since Mother's Day, I have written an EPIC, yes, EPIC blog to show just how busy I've been (DID YOU HEAR THAT HUSBAND, BUSY!!!)

We've moved house (it's a fixer upper - more to follow - it's a blog in itself!) but in about 50 years, this 1960s bungalow is going to look like it wouldn't look out of place nestled on the shoreline of Cape Cod.  That's the plan!

Check out my Pinterest  for the growing (slightly unrealistic with our budget) vision!  Incidentally, if for some silly reason, you haven't heard of Pinterest, well, you should have!  Get on there now.  It's simples.  See a picture you like anywhere on the web or from within Pinterest itself, set up a board, call it what you like, pin your pictures in there.  Voila.  Can be home stuff, clothes, products, photography...anything...

Next thing, we've got another dog (Frasier, looks like Toto out of Tin Tin), that's him!  He doesn't normal sport a towel, he just got a bit wet outside and was shivering and so, naturally, I swaddled him like a baby!??  Is that normal?!?  Anyway, he's a rescue doggy, 5 years old, has a back curlier than a sheep and we're just trialing him at the moment to see if husband is allergic to him.  If he does turn out to be allergic, husband is moving out, not Frasier...  husband doesn't know this yet but it's fact.

I have also, amidst the moving and the grooving, taken some photographs.

These are from the beautiful wedding of Claire and Steve that I had the pleasure of second shooting for the amazing Jayne Sacco of Sacco & Sacco Photography:  An amazing photographer, a hilarious lady and someone who has always supported and advised me throughout my photography 'career'!  Her husband Joe, (the other and original Sacco) is rather marvellous too.

and also for Lisa Devlin:  general photography hero and pioneer...

I've not just done photography though, oh no, I've also designed some marketing flyers too for such wonderful businesses as Schmoomin, (fabulous kids clothes), Quilty Pleasures (handmade quilts for little ones) and Jubilo (world class opera quartet).

Quick shot of Leigh, the brains and beauty behind Quilty Pleasures, from some headshots I took for her recently.

I also had the pleasure of taking the photographs for Jubilo and Quilty Pleasures, that feature, so prominently (funny that!) on their flyers!  Thank you to all you lovely ladies who entrusted yourselves to me, each one of you are an inspiration and have been a pleasure to work with xxx

I've also pitched up at Lisa Devlin's Photography Farm helping the creative genius that is Hannah Best of The Tea Set.  I made jellies, hung candy canes from trees, poofed paper lanterns and attempted to make candy floss, but that didn't go so well.  Here are a few instagram snaps from our behind the scenes efforts.  If you're wondering what the hell a photography farm might be well, let me tell you.  It's a place for photographers to go and learn.  A real couple are styled up for you to shoot (not with a gun!) and there's also a model too who you photograph in another staged area.  Hannah, the Goddess of Staged Styling, makes everything pretty.  Lisa then guides you through how she works.  Kat Williams of RockNRoll Bride is there.  She does a talk about blogging, marketing.  There's loads more too but the upshot is, if you're a photographer who needs some cool imagery for your portfolio or you want to know how it's all done or need some direction for your business, this is it.

I also had the pleasure of photographing the 'Behind the Scenes' for the Peter Pan "Styled Shoots for Photographers" event organised by Melissa Love and Jayne Sacco with styling by The Tea Set with guest photographers Lucy Woodrow, Joanna Brown and Rosie Wooldridge and guest speaker, Lisa Devlin.  Again, a place for Photographers to learn from the best in the business whilst gaining experience of shooting and getting fantastic images for your portfolio.  Check out more at

Then there was the engagement shoot of the smoochiest couple 2012 had to offer, Jez and Naomi.  I did nothing.  They just snogged their way through it effortlessly!  Can't wait for the wedding next year! 

Oh, and then, (well actually before) but this is the order that I've downloaded the photos, the beautiful Amy and the gorgeous and rather tall Josh.   An engagement shoot at Sleepy Hollow, again, natural, gorgeous, fun.  Amy just laughed... at Josh.  I Josh and Josh us laughing at him.  It was the point where I instructed him to look "ready to receive Amy's kisses" (directional speak from me for the kiss blowing shot below!) that really did it!

This is the one - this is Josh's "receiving the kissy love" face!

And then, they got married!  And I was there.... And I made all the groomsmen do this....

And then (gosh, I'm exhausted), I did a shoot with the Jubilo Singers in Brighton..... beautiful that I actually nearly cried as they sang here.  Arlene Rolph, stunning, beautiful goddess inside and out, I have loved working with you and, again, thank you for choosing me to work alongside you in your endeavours xxx

Well, I know you're thinking there can't possibly be anything else, coz how would I have had the time?!?  (husband, you better be thinking this!).

But no, I also did some family shoots:

And a maternity shoot:

Which led to this beautiful little man occupying my favourite mustard chair:

Not forgetting Simon & Emily! What fun we had trying to make Simon smile.  "I'm smiling on the inside" he would say.  Oh, how I laughed..... afterwards!

And Kate & Matt's surprise wedding on Brighton Bandstand.  Fantastically laid back family whose day was palpably filled with love & laughter....

And next year, Russ and Adele will be getting married.  This is their engagement shoot, really looking forward to your wedding guys, you were great fun and sorry about all the faces I made you pull, but it kept me amused!

And, lastly, me just experimenting, which I love.  Thanks to Luisa, who I'd like to say was a patient, gracious model.... ha hmmmm....

So, to all of you reading this, hopefully you have been floored by my pro-activeness (husband, this means you!) and you will ply me with cups of tea and pillows next time I'm round your house because, as you can see, I need a rest!