Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Going to the chapel baby....

I'm beavering away editing the most beautiful vintage wedding that I had the honour of photographing this Bank Holiday Monday.  Here's a little taster, full post to follow:

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'm behind I know!!! Day 10 to eternity....

I've been busy, what can I say.  We've swanned off to the Loire Valley, I had a mini mid-life crisis, the boy is officially ready to go back to school, or at least I'm ready for him to back to school and I've been playing in Photoshop to make pretty storyboards for my images, the results of my efforts are below!

I also went to see the fabulous Lisa Devlin, the British Journal Wedding Photographer of the Year, ( speak last night at the Brighton Smug Meet Up.  A monthly free event for photographers held at Eclectia Gallery and Studio in Brighton Marina.  Met some lovely people and learnt loads which I can directly use to help my business.  It's so worth meeting and talking to other photographers, I'm constantly amazed by how open and helpful the people I meet are in such a competitive industry.

As it's late and I'm being told off by my husband for being up past 10pm, I'll leave you with some images from the last week. xx  laters taters xxx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Days 6,7, 8 & 9 - Going Strong!

Well, you've missed the big prize draw!  Where were you? Winner was picked from Jack's trilby and announced by his goodself.  Check out the Ruby-Roux facebook page at for the announcement!  While you're over there, hit the like button a couple of times!!!

Also, did a family shoot this weekend.  Very girlie, lots of pink.  There were bubbles, tutus, lavender so will load some of those photos here tomorrow or you can head over to where all the photos are up.  I loved it, first chance I've had to do the girlie thing, I'm usually surrounded by grubby little boys (I mean that in a loving way) but it was nice to have some hot pink sequins and tutus to play with for once!

As for photographs, here are some more from the Summer Holidays Photography Project....

1. My husband considers many hobbies.  He reads about them but doesn't actually do them.  This Saturday it was fishing.  2.  Preparing for my family shoot  3. My son's piggy masterpiece  4.  My pink toes 
1. My new favourite magazine  2./3. Sights from my dog walk  4. Husband's Sunday hobby - inflatable kayaking!

1.  Dog walk  2. All the old buses came to town, I liked this one  3/4.  Drinks in the garden with an old friend

1.  Hobby horses ready for family racing  2. Lovely seaside  3.More bus action on the seafront  4.  Loveheart shaped cement, how fabulous! 
1.  More dog walks  2. Nice little motorbike  3.  My friends gorgeous boy  4.  Beach huts in the sun

1. Fishers Farm - love it there.  2. Butterflies on a beach hut  3.  After waking me from 4am - 7am, he had the cheek to go to sleep till 9am  4.  Jack loves his mummy (I told him to write that!)