Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'm behind I know!!! Day 10 to eternity....

I've been busy, what can I say.  We've swanned off to the Loire Valley, I had a mini mid-life crisis, the boy is officially ready to go back to school, or at least I'm ready for him to back to school and I've been playing in Photoshop to make pretty storyboards for my images, the results of my efforts are below!

I also went to see the fabulous Lisa Devlin, the British Journal Wedding Photographer of the Year, ( speak last night at the Brighton Smug Meet Up.  A monthly free event for photographers held at Eclectia Gallery and Studio in Brighton Marina.  Met some lovely people and learnt loads which I can directly use to help my business.  It's so worth meeting and talking to other photographers, I'm constantly amazed by how open and helpful the people I meet are in such a competitive industry.

As it's late and I'm being told off by my husband for being up past 10pm, I'll leave you with some images from the last week. xx  laters taters xxx

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